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Hey guys, still working hard. I took a job at a camp because we all need money. xD So things have gotten rather hectic. 
Will hopefully have some work up this weekend. :)
Just released the finished character design of Glimmer Wing, who is Infinite Heart's mom. I am working on Steel Hooves (her Dad) next, followed by two newly introduced characters named 'Shadow Knight' and 'Swift Strings,' who are Infinite's fillyhood best friends. These character designs will help me with the cover art which will be released with the first 3-5 chapters of my story, "Learning To Be Infinite."
Finally starting to make some progress, yay! 

Submissions might be in and out seeing as I am going to be working a very tiring day job. But I am working hard to make this work!

Hope y'all like Glimmer Wing, and get ready for a fun adventure filled with danger, love, loss, heroism and self-discovery in my upcoming story,
"Learning To Be Infinite."
Glimmer Wing: Character Design by wolfpride228
Glimmer Wing: Character Design
Glimmer is wife to Steel Hooves and mother of Infinite Heart. 

She is a former changeling commander in Queen Chrysalis' hive, and was once called "The Pink Terror of the Hives" due to the fact that she was considered to be one of the deadliest and fiercest changelings amongst any hive; 'Pink' because of her unusual eye color amongst changelings. She was once one of Queen Chrysalis' most trusted soldiers, but after being healed by and spending time with a unicorn guard named Steel Hooves she realized everything she had been taught about ponies was a lie, and she decided then to desert her hive. All other changelings believe her to be dead, having died a great death in a battle. 

Glimmer Wing designed her own pony form, taking different aspects of different ponies and combining them into one, like her hooves that she copied from Steel. She even designed her own cutie, which is a mortar with a pestle and herb in it. Growing up in dangerous forests and desert lands Glimmer learned what plants could heal, which she applies to her job as an herbalist. She decided to help and heal ponies, a big change from hunting and preying on them. The only love she takes is the love that Steel and Infinite give her.

I really wanted to give her a slight "mom" look, so I added a scrunchy to her design and a little bit of a pony tail, which I just fell in love with. To me really captures her mom essence, which is something Glimmer is really proud of since normal female changelings are not allowed to have children. That is part of the reason as to why she is so protective of Infinite.
I also decided to go with the comic style armor than the show armor, which is my choice of the green armor, it complimented Glimmer's pink eyes better, and pink eyes were going to happen from the get-go no matter what. I also prefer the armor style, it is somewhat more elegant in my opinion and that really helps to capture Glimmer Wing's personality.

Glimmer Wing will be co-starring in the first couple chapters of my story, "Learning to Be Infinite."

Please leave me some thoughts and let me know what you think! :)

Glimmer Wing is an original character created by me. Please DO NOT STEAL.

My Little Pony is a show and franchise owned by Hasbro, which all rights are reserved. 
So my uploads are going to take a little longer. : / Some things came up that needed my upmost attention, but as soon as I finish all that I'll upload the first chapter of the story with the cover art! :)
Also, I am going to be experimenting with some art styles, trying to find something that looks good but I can do quick. That way I can hopefully get more art and what not out. :D
Well, college is out, and I am now working on a bunch of sketches for my MLP OCs that'll be finished via tablet soon. I am also working on a story outline for Infinite Heart. I would like to do a comic, but I just don't have enough time to do so. So instead I'm going to write out the story, and do comic pages of certain scenes when I have the time. The title of my story is most likely going to be,
"Learning To Be Infinite"
I will be uploading the cover art in the next couple of days. It's fully sketched and ready to be scanned then colored. :)

I took down a lot of my art. I just decided to clean up, and start with some new things soon(WHEN I GET TIME! GR.)

Anyways, I left a few things....REALLY REALLY OLD THINGS.

Everything left is old art...that I'm too lazy to take down....yay.

Well that's it.




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