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So I just submitted my new MLP OC Infinite Heart.
I'm thinking of writing an ongoing story to go with her, but I think I might try some more art of her first and see how many people like her before I fully commit. Though knowing me I'll probably eventually get bored and do it
Hope y'all like her!
Infinite Heart Purple Background by wolfpride228
Infinite Heart Purple Background
Just the same vector with a background so I can use her as my avatar.

Infinite Heart is created by me, please no stealing.

"My Little Pony" is a show created and owned by Hasbro.
Infinite Heart Vector by wolfpride228
Infinite Heart Vector
This is just Infinite Heart's vector.

NO STEALING!!! please :3

Infinite Heart belongs to me.

"My Little Pony" is a show created and owned by Hasbro.
Meet Infinite Heart by wolfpride228
Meet Infinite Heart
Meet my pony persona/character Infinite Heart.

(Character Story)
Infinite Heart is a troubled mare. Her father is Steel Hooves, a Unicorn captain in the royal guard. Her mother is Glimmer Wing, a believed to be Pegasus. Steel met Glimmer, a changeling commander, on the battle field way before the Canterlot incident. Glimmer was injured, and being the honorable stallion Steel is he would not fight an injured opponent. He nursed Glimmer back to health, and soon found out that Glimmer was sick of fighting, and sick of her queen. Glimmer never went back to the changelings, to them she is believed to be dead. After time together Glimmer and Steel fell in love, and Glimmer learned love's true meaning. She took different characteristics of different ponies, created herself a Pegasus form so she could freely walk with Steel, and so she could live within the pony society. Eventually they had a filly who they named Infinite Heart.

Infinite Heart faces many troubling issues. Her parents have sworn her to secrecy, never to reveal her or her mother's secret, in terror of what other ponies might do out of hate and fear. 
Infinite Heart spent time when she was young between being a Pegasus, a Unicorn, and an Earth pony, surprisingly enough she liked being an Earth pony the best, so that she became. She has great friends, but none of them know her secret, and she is terrified that if they found out that they would be afraid of her, or worse, hate her.
Her true form is a fuzzy mix between a changeling and a pony. Her true form bears the wings, teeth, and armor of a changeling, as well as a pony changeling ear mix. She has fur, mane, and a tail like a pony, as well as hooves. She bears some unusual eyes that unfortunately involuntarily appear if she gets really angry or feels threatened.
She usually helps out in the Royal Guard with her father, but as of late she felt that she needed to take leave. At the moment Infinite Heart is traveling around Equestria trying to figure out where she belongs.

(Her Cutie Mark)
A purple heart covered by a gold infinity sign.
* A purple heart is a symbol of sensitive, understanding, and compassionate love. As well as duty, honor, good judgment, and sacrifice. All representatives of Infinite Heart's personality, and of her understanding of love. These are also the things she was taught to respect and value as a filly.
* The infinity symbol: infinity means to be infinite, without limits, to be limitless. Infinite Heart's special talent is that she has no one talent, her possibilities are infinite. She is free to be what she wants, and to do what she wants. She is not held down by any chain. Not say she is great at everything, she is certainly highly skilled in many fields, and quite poorly skilled in many others. However, she has a big brave heart filled with endless love, so she never gives up on anything, especially her friends. 
But perhaps her true talent is her infinite love for all.

Infinite Heart is an original character that belongs to me. Please no stealing.

"My Little Pony" is a show created and owned by Hasbro. 

I took down a lot of my art. I just decided to clean up, and start with some new things soon(WHEN I GET TIME! GR.)

Anyways, I left a few things....REALLY REALLY OLD THINGS.

Everything left is old art...that I'm too lazy to take down....yay.

Well that's it.




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